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Among all the land activities trekking is the most haunting outdoor sport for the people who feel enormously attracted by mountain, hill, jungle etc. It is mostly known as backpacking in the sports-world. It is called so because the trekkers carry all the necessary equipments like food, cooking items, water, bedding, tent, clothes in a backpack while travelling. Undoubtedly, it is mostly favored by the adventure mongers for exploring new sites on land and experience the craftsmanship of nature.

Trekking is of various types depending on landforms chosen and can cover from less than one day to one month or more. With all the important things you need to have complete knowledge about the place or the climate there. Your nerves should that much strong to be steady in any sudden condition. As it is not just like a smooth sightseeing tour you can be in any kind of situation anytime.

With our arrangement you are going to have excellent experience of jungle and mountain trekking on your trip with expert advices. You will get proper guidance on that and you will be informed about and provided with all the needed equipments. Get Set Go is there to help you every way so that you do not have to face any kind of problem while Trekking a place.


Increases in flexibility and coordination

A better quality of life

Adrenaline Rush

Improves Body Balance

A reduced risk for heart disease

Lower stress levels

Upper body strength

Great for Stress Relief & Calorie Burn